Ba Kelalan

3D2N Ba Kelalan Lifestyle & Salt Making

Introduction of Ba Kelalan
Ba Kelalan, is home to about 1,000 Lun Bawang tribes at an altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level . Nestled in the heart of Borneo's world renowned and oldest tropical rainforests is blessed with sub-tropical all day cool and amazingly fresh weather. Day temperature hovers between 25 – 32º celcius while night temperature drops to around 15º Celsius on some days. The lowest recorded for Ba Kelalan is 10º Celsius. And is reachable either by Maswings Twin Otter regular weekly flights from Lawas or by driving. Driving by 4 X 4WD from Lawas is through a timber road which passes through Lun Bawang mountain villages and winding through hills, mountains and valleys and idyllic cool mountain surroundings.

Ba Kelalan as recorded by Tom Harrison & Hudson Southwell is the origin of wet paddy farming, and in times past, had been extended to Bario, Long Semadoh and beyond. This unique "adan" rice or popularly known as Bario Rice is found only in the highlands of Ba Kelalan, Long Semadoh, Bario and Krayan villages of East Kalimantan.

The Lun Bawang have been in this area for more 200 years and proudly claimed themselves as the "people of this place." They no longer lived in longhouses but most of them have single-family houses. Each family have their own common culture of rice farming, livestock rearing and strong commercial interest and tough physiques bred by centuries of mountain walking.

Ba Kelalan is not only home to its unique 'adan' rice or 'pade dari', and apples but also its Ba Kelalan medicinal rock salt. Its has three operating salt springs providing mountain salt that contains high iodine content and other minerals. Several exotic fruits are grown such as Abiu, Ice Cream Bean, Christina, Passion fruits, Avocados, Strawberries and others. Ba Kelalan is also famed for its water buffaloes that are used in the paddy fields, for hauling fire wood and for their meat.

What also makes Ba Kelalan unique is its truly beautiful scenery commonly described as "Swiss Alps". Its rain forest covered mountains are forever green and inviting. The mountains, valleys, rivers, flora and fauna and wildlife are pretty unspoilt and had been so for generations. Ba Kelalan is one of the most beautiful place, peaceful with all its hidden treasures . The people inhabiting the area are likewise unique in their culture and traditions. It's a land of the friendly smiles from the young and the old. The people makes you feel you are truly at home and is one of them. This sets Ba Kelalan apart from the rest. The sights and sounds of Ba Kelalan are there to beckon.

Tour Program

DAY 01
Depart from Lawas to Ba Kelalan by MASWING airlines. You will be meet by your host family . Make yourself at home with your new family. Lunch . After lunch , proceed trek to Pa Sarui view point. Great view for photography for Ba Kelalan village if weather permits. Trek down leisurely and strolling along the river and back to the Homestay for After dinner get to know your host family and learn more about the lun Bawang customs. Over night. (L/D)

DAY 02
After breakfast, we will go on a 4wd to Asang Langai Herbal Garden .Explore the Garden with the owner on hand to brief you on what kind of plants and it's usage. And thereafter proceed to visit the Buduk Bui salt spring. Witness the process of the salt making. We take the 4wd to Long Langai . Tea break at the headmen house. After lunch we take a leisure walk to Buduk Nur Village about 20mins walk along the paddy field. Check in at Homestay. After dinner, your host and the local will teach you how to play with the Suling/Bas (Music made from special bamboo) . Overnight at Buduk Nur Homestay (B/L/D)

DAY 03
Breakfast. Depart from Ba kelalan to Miri via Lawas. (B)


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Tour Package 3D2N Ba Kelalan Lifestyle & Salt Making

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