5D4N Gunung Mulu Summit

The climb to the Summit of Gunung Mulu (2,376 m) is the toughest organized trek in the PARK. It required a high level of fitness and sense of advanture . Indeed Gunung Mulu has always attracted adventures. In the 19th Century, Spenser St John and Charles Hose, two old "Borneo Hands", attempted to conquer Mount Mulu. They and other explorers and mountaineers failed. It wasn't until 1920's , when a Berawan rhino hunter named "Tama Nilong" discovered the "south-west" ridge , that a way to the Summit was found. In 1932, Tama Nilong led Lord Shackleton and and Oxford University Expedition to the Summit of Mulu.Today's trek follows the route discovered in the 1920's . It is involves overnight stops at the Jungle Camps and offers a chance to experience the rainforest and perhaps see some rare animals and birds , including various species of Hornbill. The trek is usually done as a 4days hike, but experienced trekkers can do it less. A number of wooden huts are positioned along the trail and provide shelter for overnights stops. Trekker should go prepared . Good walking shoes are essential, as is a sleeping bag ( or blanket) as it can get cold. Food supplies , cooking utensils and sufficient water must also be taken. The Park guides and travel companies can arrange this.

Tour Program

Fly Miri to Mulu. Check in accommodation & overnight.

0700hrs depart from the Park HQ to Camp 1. From the headquarters it is an easy four to five hour trek to camp 1 at 150m, where there is a shelter. We overnight here for today.

Today is a long uphill slog 98 – 10 hours to camp 4 (1,800m) where there is also a shelter. Past camp 3, the trail climbs steeply to Bukit Tamau, which affords good views of the park. There are many pitcher plants along this stretch. Overnight Camp 4

Early morning from camp 4 (known as the summit camp), the path passes the helicopter pad, from which there are magnificent views of Gunung Benarat, the Melinau gorge and Gunung Api. The final trail to the summit is steep; there are fixed ropes. Around the summit area, the pitcher plants is common. From camp 4, it takes 11/2 hours to reach the summit and a further seven hours back down the mountain to camp 1. Overnight Camp 1.

Breakfast. Depart to Mulu airport for your flight out. End of services.


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Tour Package 5D4N Gunung Mulu Summit

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1 night triple share at Mulu Park, Dinner at the Park and 4days fullboard Mulu Summit + Park/Guide fees and Camp hut fees.

Camp 1 has water, as does camp 4, if it has been raining. Water should be boiled before drinking. It is necessary to bring your own food; in the rainy season it is wise to bring a gas cooking stove. A sleeping bag and waterproofs are also necessary and spare clothes wrapped in plastic bags are a good idea.