5D4N Mulu Caves, Pinnacles & Headhunter's Trail

Tour Program

Arrival at Mulu airport and transfer to Mulu National Park. Proceed to the National Park Headquarters for registration and lunch at the Park's canteen.

After lunch, you will take an approximately 45 minutes' walk along a wooden plank path through riverine and lowland limestone forest leading to Lang's Cave. Explore this beautiful cave with its stunning stalagmites and stalactites, followed by the Deer Cave with the largest cave passage in the world. This cave also houses an estimated 2 million bats, so be prepared for the stinging smell of guano.

After the exploration of these two amazing caves, you will proceed to the bat observatory platform. If weather permits you will witness the bats emerging from the cave in spiraling black streams.

Walk back to the Park's Headquarters the same way. Dinner at the Park's canteen.

Overnight at Mulu National Park, ROH. (L/D)

After breakfast, you will embark on a 30-40 minutes boat ride (depending on water level). During a short stop at a Penan settlement, you can learn about their formerly nomadic lifestyle and visit a small handicraft market.

Then proceed by boat to Wind Cave. Climb up a few stairs to the cave entrance. Inside the cave you will sometimes feel a slight breeze, which gave this cave its name. You will also find the beautiful King's chamber with its astonishing rock calcite formations. After exploration of this cave, take a 10 minutes' walk to the Clearwater Spring, where you will take a short break.

In order to reach the entrance of Clearwater Cave, you need to climb 200 steps. Inside the cave many more steps await you. But it is worth it, as this cave is probably the most impressive amongst all, with a system of cave passages of more than 100 km length.

A simple picnic lunch will be served at the Clearwater Spring.

Proceed to Kuala Litut on another 1 hour boat ride (depending on water level; during dry season boats need to be pushed at very shallow spots). A 2 hours trek will lead you from Kuala Litut to Camp 5, a big shelter, located at the foothills of Mount Api.

A simple dinner will be served at Camp 5.

Overnight at Camp 5 (very simple accommodation). (B/L/D)

Very basic accommodation at Camp 5. Guests need to bring their own sleeping bag, as there are no beds or mattresses provided

After a light breakfast, you will start to climb Mount Api. Even the trail is rather short, with a length of less than 3 km, this formidable steep mountain provides a real challenge. Take only the bare essentials and drinking water with you for this climb. Start your climb of 4-5 hours up to the top of Mount Api.

At an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, the lowland limestone forest disappears and an enchanting realm of montane forest with pitcher plants and orchids takes over. Then the steepest part of the climb begins. A series of aluminum ladders have been strategically placed over the worst of the gaping voids.

Once you have reached the top (1,710 m above sea level), you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding limestone landscape with the famous Pinnacles, which are up to 45 meters tall and appear to stand out like huge knifes against the hardy trees that manage to get a foothold in narrow crevice of the limestone landscape. After a simple picnic, trek back to Camp 5. Relax or have a cooling bath in the river before dinner.

Overnight at Camp 5 (very simple accommodation). (B/L/D)

After breakfast, you will venture on the 12 km long Headhunter's Trail (~5 hrs trek) to Kuala Terikan. This route was used in the old days during the tribal wars by the Kayan tribe, who came by boat from Baram area via the Melinau river. The Kayan war parties then carried or dragged their boats overland along this trail to Terikan river, to attack and raid the tribes in the Limbang area.

From Kuala Terikan continue for about 3 hours by boat (depending on water level; during dry season boats need to be pushed at very shallow spots), traveling on the Terikan and Medalam rivers, to an Iban longhouse.

Enjoy the great hospitality of the Iban, the former headhunters! Dinner will be served in the longhouse.

Overnight at the longhouse (very simple accommodation). (B/L/D)

Basic accommodation in the communal hall of the longhouse with mosquito net, mattress, pillows and blanket provided.

After breakfast, you will travel by boat for about 1 hour from the longhouse to Medamit and proceed for another 1.5 hours drive to Limbang airport for the flight to your next destination. (B)


CITY Standard Category
MULU Mulu National Park, ROH
Mulu National Park, Camp 5
MEDALAM Iban longhouse
TOUR PRICE 1 Pax 2 Pax 3 - 5 Pax 6 + 9 Pax 10 + 1 Pax
& above
(Min 2pax)
MULU (RM) RM3,891.00 RM2,511.00 RM2,064.00 RM1,824.00 RM1,662.00 RM1,726.00
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Tour Package 5D4N Mulu Caves, Pinnacles & Headhunter's Trail

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Tour Package 5D4N Mulu Caves, Pinnacles & Headhunter's Trail

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  • NOTES:
  • MASwings currently flies daily from Miri to Mulu and vice versa and daily from Miri to Limbang and vice versa. The flights are operated on ATR aircrafts and luggage allowance on these flights might be limited (please refer to your flight ticket for exact information).
  • This tour package can also be arranged vice versa, starting in Limbang and ending in Mulu.
  • Even if the package is booked on private basis, all land & boat transfers in Mulu and Medalam may be on shared basis in order to minimise impacts on the natural environment or if other circumstances require so.
  • Due to tough trekking for long hours and a steep climb under tropical climate conditions, this tour is very strenuous and one is expected to have very high fitness level and good stamina.
  • Please travel light for the overnights at Camp 5 and the longhouse, as you will have to carry your own bags during the trekking. If you overnight in Miri before and after this 5 days tour, your suitcases can be stored at your hotel in Miri. In case you just transit in Miri on the way to Mulu and on the way from Mulu to your next destination, we can arrange a representative of Heart Of Borneo to meet you during your transit in Miri and store the luggage for you (not included in the package; charges depend on size and weight of luggage). Should you not transit in Miri or choose to continue from Limbang overland to Brunei, you will have to bring along all of your luggage. If porters are needed, this has to be booked in advance (not included in the package; charges depend on size and weight of luggage).
  • We advise guests to bring some high-energy snacks for the trekking.
  • Due to basic living conditions at Camp 5 and the longhouse, be prepared for some discomfort.
    Following basic facilities are available at Camp 5: temporary electricity (solar powered), pipe water from the river and simple sanitary facilities. Guests have to bring their own towels and sleeping bag, as there are no beds provided. At the longhouse you will be provided with mattress, mosquito net, pillow, blanket and clean linen. Simple sanitary facilities are available.
  • Backpack
  • Loose-fitting summer clothing
  • Long pants and long-sleeve shirt for the cooler nights
  • Swimwear
  • Sun hat/ cap
  • Sun block
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal toiletries
  • Flat walking shoes with good grip
  • Water shoes or sandals that may get wet
  • Raincoat
  • Torch or flashlight
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Energy food & drinks
  • Refillable drinking bottles
  • Hand gloves for the climb of Mount Api
  • Leech socks (optional; the species of leeches that do occur occasionally cause harmless bites)